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Turn your multiple-offer scenario into a win-win.


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It may only be spring, but the housing market is already hotter than the summer sun! Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, it’s a lively time to be in the real estate industry, and you’re likely to find yourself in a multiple-offer scenario (aka a bidding war). While this process sounds intense, there are some ways to keep spirits high and stress low from beginning to end.

For Sellers

A stack of offers may be exciting, but sorting through them is not as simple as it seems. That’s where I come in. Price is certainly an important part of your final decision, but there are many other factors you’ll have to consider. For example, we’ll need to look at the prospective buyer’s move-in date to ensure it meets your needs. Some potential buyers may also add repair requests to their offers, which will cut in to your total profit. The key to keeping your head on straight throughout the negotiation process is focusing on the price, time, and goals we set together before putting your home on the market. As long as your prospective buyers are willing to cooperate, you can’t lose.

For Buyers

Bidding wars can be daunting for buyers, but they don’t have to be. Many people assume the highest offer will always win, but that’s just a myth. The truth is, most sellers have a financial range in mind. As long as your offer is within that range, we can work together to leverage other incentives to lead you to victory. For example, a cash offer can tip the scales in your favor. And by waiving inspections or appraisals, we could earn bonus points while keeping the ball rolling and making things easier for the homeowner. Those are just some of the common incentives I utilize with my buyers, but there are plenty more we can explore. 

For Agents

Agents are the mediators of multiple-offer scenarios. It is our fiduciary duty to communicate with each other on behalf of our client’s best interests, but that doesn’t mean we’re all created equal. Experience can make all the difference, and as a Keller Williams agent, I have been rigorously trained on how to handle both sides of the bargaining table. I can help you navigate even the most heated negotiations. Whether it’s helping sellers set the right price to spark a bidding war, or helping buyers generate an enticing offer, I know what it takes to facilitate a win-win.

If you’re interested in buying or selling in today’s super-hot market, and you want a knowledgeable real estate expert to join you at the offer table, contact me or shoot me a call or text at 954.243.7570.